Tachiyomi is a manga reader app that lets you read manga on your phone or tablet. It supports both Android and PC platforms and has been around since 2008. The app has thousands of different titles available, including English translations, Japanese text, and voice-over options. With this in mind, it may come as no surprise that many people love Tachiyomi and use it every day for their reading needs. So if you’re looking for something similar but aren’t sure where to start—or if you’re just curious about how good an app like this could be—here are some features from the developers themselves:

1. Tachiyomi supports a wide variety of sources


Tachiyomi is compatible with a wide range of sources. You can use it to listen to many types of audios, including podcasts, radio shows and many more.

2. Tachiyomi supports the reading of thousands of mangas in different languages.


Tachiyomi is a mobile app that supports the reading of many different manga series in different languages.

It supports English and Japanese, but also other languages like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. In fact it supports more than 20 different languages!

3. It is a free app with open source

The Tachiyomi app is a free download, and it’s also open source. This means that you can view the code on GitHub if you have a developer’s mindset. The community of developers who contribute to Tachiyomi has made it possible for anyone to create their own versions of the app if they’d like—and even improve upon its features!

4. It is available for Android and PC (windows, Linux, Mac)

You can also download it from the Tachiyomi website.

5. Tachiyomi website includes a detailed guide to get you started on using the app.


The Tachiyomi website offers detailed instructions on using the app.

It is available on their website and for users of the app. The guide helps in understanding how to use all features of the Tachiyomi application and it also provides some basic tips that can help you with your daily tasks.

The Tachiyomi website has been designed in such a way that it makes it easy for users who are new or not familiar with technology at all to get started with using this software.

6. You will find more than 25 extensions in the app without any additional extension installation required.

Extensions are add-ons that enhance the functionality of the app. They can be downloaded from the App Store and they work in multiple apps. Extensions are free, easy to install and use.

7. The app requires no registration to download mangas. Just hit the ‘download’ button and the manga is downloaded.


You can download manga from the app without creating an account.

There’s no need to sign up for an account, create a profile or even log in! This way, you can access your favorite series without having to worry about other people reading them with their accounts and passwords that are linked to social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter accounts.

8. Tachiyomi has multiple view modes that help you read manga in the way that you prefer. For instance, you could use single page mode or scroll mode.

  • Single Page Mode: This is the most basic view mode, where you can scroll through the pages of a manga in single file.
  • Scroll Mode: With this mode, you can read manga on one screen at a time by scrolling up and down to see new pages.
  • Double Page Mode: In double page mode, the entire thing appears on two screens at once. You can then move back and forth between these two screens by tapping buttons on both sides of your device’s screen (or swiping with fingers). It’s like reading two books at once!
  • Full Screen Mode: If you want to read all of your favorite series in one sitting without switching between them every few minutes like normal users do nowdays due to lack of storage space or availability due to lag issues involving internet connectivity issues which might cause problems when using certain apps such as WhatsApp messenger app which requires constant updates so it would be better if there were more storage capacity available for downloading files instead than just having enough memory space left over after installing other programs into memory rather than simply removing them from memory completely before getting started again.

13 Features Of Tachiyomi That Make Everyone Love it

9. Using bookmarking feature, you can save your spot for reading later on.

Tachiyomi is a manga reader app that lets you read your favorite manga anywhere and anytime. It’s an excellent way to pass time on the bus, train or in between meetings.

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Tachiyomi has a bookmarking feature, which makes it easy to save your spot for reading later on. You can bookmark chapters or chapters only by clicking on “Bookmark” icon at the bottom right corner of each page while viewing them in full-screen mode (this option can be found under Settings > View). After adding one chapter as bookmark, press back button or swipe up to exit fullscreen mode until next page loads up; when done with previous page/chapter then move cursor down again to add another one as bookmarks until all pages have been stored into memory for future reference whenever needed!

10. The integration of E-Hentai Galleries and Danbooru enables your access to thousands of Hentai mangas from over 200 artists around the world.

You can also download and read manga in the app, but if you want more than just this feature, there are many other ways that Tachiyomi can help you find what you’re looking for. For example, if there’s a specific title that interests you but it hasn’t been translated yet (or even translated at all), then we’ll work on getting those chapters ready!

11. The catalog section gives you multiple options that enable easy searching and sorting.

You can search for manga by name, author, or tags. If you want to see all the titles in a specific genre (like romance), it’s just a matter of selecting your favorite genre from the dropdown menu and then clicking “Go.”

You can also sort the results by popularity or date added—and if there are multiple pages of results with similar tags like “romance,” they’ll appear at once so that you don’t have to click through each page individually! Once your search is complete, just click on ‘Load All’ under any title that interests you before starting reading them all!

12. It has an option for auto-updating content that enables you to check for updates automatically and keep your manga collection up-to-date.

The auto-update feature is available in the settings, and you can set the time interval for updates. You can also enable or disable auto-update by accessing it through your account page on Tachiyomi.

13. The app has a night mode that enables reading manga at night without hurting your eyes. This can be done on both day and night mode screens.


The app has a night mode that makes it easier to read manga at night. This feature can be accessed on both day and night screen modes.

The color scheme of the app is changed to make it easier on the eyes (both day and night modes).


We hope that this guide has helped you get more familiar with Tachiyomi. This app is a great way to read manga, and it’s one of the best out there in terms of support for various sources and features. We encourage you to try it out! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below in the comments section below this blog post.

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