Motorola Skip Setup app for Moto X is available now on Play Store

Motorola introduced an interesting accessory for their Moto X, named Motorola Skip last week. The Motorola Skip is basically a small clip that unlocks your Motorola X via NFC. You can keep it in your pocket, belt or anywhere you feels comfortable, and it will unlock your phone with a single tap. This exclusive accessory for Moto X costs around $20 and you will get Skip and three Skip dots. With the Skip you can avoid the hefty patterna or PIN lockscreen, says the makers.

When Motorola introduced Skip last week, the setup page that linked to a Play Store appp was not available. Now the page goes live and you can download the set up from Google Play Store. Once you downloaded the app, install the app on your phone and make sure that you turn on the NFC, tap your Skip or Skip dot to the back side of your Moto X then follow the on screen instructions.

The Motorola Skip works only with Moto X and it won’t be compatible with any other Motorola devices like Droid Maxx or Droid Ultra.

Download the Motorola Skip from Google Play Store.

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