It is not a mystery or a secret and we know that it is coming to our way, and finally it reached. As expected Rovio launched their latest addition to the sequel of Angry Birds, and this time it takes us to the Star Wars univers once again.


The Angry Birds Star War II is now available to download from Google Play Store, and to remind you the gameplay mechanism is almost similar to any other Angry Birds games, but the new Star War II is coming with some major twists, and the first and biggest one in the list , is you can join the Pork side and can play as a pig, like a Darth Vader, General Grievous and other villains in Star War to go after the birds.

Now the SW II offers 30+ playable characters including all your favorite Star War characters. Rovio introduced a new feature TELEPOD with which you can upload TELEPOD figurines in to Star Wars 2, that gives instant access to several unique bird and pig characters based on the Star Wars prequel movies. The new Star War II is based on the Star War Episodes I, II, and III.

You have to pay $.99 to get in to the ad free version of the new Star War world. But if you are not ready to pay a single penny you just go through the ad-supported version and enjoy the actions for free.

Google Play download link for Ad Free Angry Birds Star War II
Google Play download link for Ad-supported Angry Birds Star War II

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