Breaking all the news and rumors, Google announced the latest version of their Android OS, Android 4.4 and surprisingly it named as Android 4.4 KitKat.The Android Enthusiasts may be still confused, as it rumored for a long time that Google’s next generation OS will be Android Key Lime Pie.

Android chief Sundar Pichai announced the new Android version via Twitter and Google Plus, he noted that the Android had hit 1 billion activations.

“… All this Android innovation is driving tremendous ecosystem momentum and I’m excited to share that together we’ve now passed 1 Billion Android device activations. Huge thanks to the entire Android community from the hardware manufacturers, chip makers and carriers to the developers and content creators to all of you – our Android users around the world – for making this possible,” Pichai noted on his Google+ account. The giant KitKat bar is now joined the crew at the lawn of Google HQ in Mountain View, and he posted a photo of that.

Now take a look at the back story of Android 4.4 KitKat. ‘KitKat’ is a brand name owned by Nestle, the Swiss based company. Google made the deal with Nestle for the use of ‘KitKit’ on their latest version of OS. The interesting fact on this huge deal is that, there won’t be any money exchanging hands between the companies for the tie up, rather both companies are promoting their products and will be benefited mutually.

According to BBC, the deal is not just limited in naming, and Nestle planning to deliver more than 50 million 0 million chocolate bars featuring the new Android mascot to shops in 19 markets, including UK, US, Brazil, India, Japan and Russia.

Meanwhile KitKat also did a tasty announcement of their KitKat 4.4 and upoloaded a funny video on their YouTube channel. The man in the video takes you to a tour, describing all the features of the candybar and one thing is pretty sure that, at some points the video pokes fun at Apple.

Here is the list of all the Android versions and their codenames

Android 1.5: Cupcake
Android 1.6: Donut
Android 2.0, 2.1: Eclair
Android 2.2: Froyo
Android 2.3: Gingerbread
Android 3.0: Honeycomb
Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich
Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.2: Jelly Bean
Android 4.4: KitKat

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