Google’s Chrome desktop app will make its way to Android devices in future

On the fifth birthday of Chrome, Google launched a “new breed of apps.” as a birthday treat for their fans. The app will offer the users more funtionality and will let them to work offline and also offers better notifications. Google launched a Chrome App Launcher for Windows that will stay in your taskbar and launches these desktop apps in their own windows.


Some of the apps introduced by Google includes Work offline, Connect to the cloud, Stay up-to-speed, Sleep easier etc. You can download the apps from “For your desktop” collection in the Chrome Web Store.

But there is some good chance that this apps will make its way to Android devices soon. There is no specific details on this, but the words from Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, a project manager overseeing the Chrome Apps project hints the launch of the apps in Android devices also.

“We’re targeting the desktop as our first order of business because that’s where the majority of our users are. We want to nail that first. But our goal, eventually, is to get this to run everywhere that Chrome runs.”

Via | The Verge

Source | Chrome Blog spot, Chrome Web Store

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