Archos launched 10″ Archos 101 XS2 Android tablet with “Coverboard”

Archos, the French makers famous for their budget friendly devices, introduced a new tablet Archos 101 XS2 (The name seems to be a bit lengthy). The company has already a lengthy line of mid-range, budget oriented tablets and smartphones, and they used to update their product lines quite often.


The new tablet sports a 10.1″ display with 1280×800 resolution and packed with 1.6GHz quad-core processor along with 2GB of RAM. As we said, Archos already has a number of mid-range tablets this year, and you may be wondering why they came up with yet another one. The new tablet offers a special feature called “Coverboard”, a magnetic keyboard that turns the device in to a hybrid one. The device will work exactly like HP’s SlatebookX2 and Transformer, but it won’t have any extra hinges to “catch” up the tablet to convert it as a laptop. The tablet will fit nicely on the keyboard and can pack them together, making easy to carry them.

Apart from the special feature, Archos 101 XS2 offers 2MP front and back cameras and all the regular goodies. The tablet is loaded with Android 4.2.2, we don’t know whether they have any plans to update it in the future. The tablet will be available from company’s official website for a price tag of £249.99.

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