Have a little KitKat with Google Keyboard 2.0

Can’t wait to blast on the new KitKat OS? or if you ever feel a little jealousy on not getting a chance to enjoy the exciting features on Android 4.4 KitKat, wait a second. Now you can enjoy at least the latest Keyboard update from Google, filled with some exclusive features introduced back in Android 4.4 KitKat. The Google Keyboard 2.0 is finally available to download from Google Play Store and won’t remain as a Nexus exclusive no longer.

The new Keyboard 2.0 brings a tons of new enhancements to the Android users, like the advanced keyboard layouts, voice typing, Space aware gesture typing, Gesture typing with dynamic floating preview etc. The space aware Gesture Typing makes your typing easier by eliminating the need to lifting your fingers while typing.


The new Keyboard let’s the users to add emojis to any text, but unfortunately some of the features like full color emoji’s are still KitKat exclusive, and the users running the prior versions will face a problem.

Download the Google Keyboard 2.0 from Google Play Store

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