Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft coming to Android in Q2 -2014

One more exciting game to hit the screen from the makers of Diablo, Starcraft, WorldCraft etc. Yes,  Blizzard announced that their digital collectible trading card game HearthStone – Heroes of Warcraft will be landing on  iOS and Android platform some times in the second quarter of 2014. HearthStone is already announced for Mac, iPad and Windows PC, and it is expected to land as an open beta from next month itself.
The game is designed as a free-to play one, and it is going to be another success story,  and gamers can enjoy the war craft without spending any money. Blizzard planning to launch the game for smartphone as well as tablets.

Even though the HearthStone is a card game, it is loaded with a lot of war craft based actions, and also let’s the gamers to access number of hero classes, various cards foe skill improvement along with leveling up for better cards.

No exact launching date is available right now, and hope that we will see the game as soon as in the second quarter next year itself, at Google Play Store.


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