Moto Maker opens its way to T-Mobile on November 8

Moto X may not be in top notch, when it comes to the specifications, but still it lands with some unique features to stand out. The smartphone’s best selling point, Moto Maker, that let you to design your own Moto X, is an AT&T exclusive for now. But the latest news points that the Moto Maker is on its way to other carriers too.
EV Leakes, a reliable source tweeted that T-Mobile customers will be getting the Moto Maker as soon as in this week itself. If the source to be believed, the feature is landing on T-Mobile by November 8, Friday.

There is also some news that apart from T-Mobile Sprint is also getting Moto Maker soon. But no specific dates are available for that. In anyway Moto Maker will make its turn to every carriers in the nation soon, and you can design your own smartphone, by changing up back cover, front cover, accent and make them to stand out.

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