Motorola Assist and Motorola Connect goes live on Google Play Store

From now onwards Motorola users never have to face breaking up their sleep or to take their eyes off the road to read messages or to attend the call on their smartphone.  Motorola treated their users with a  double whammy of apps in the form of both Motorola Assist and Motorola Connect. Both of the apps has been officially marched to Google Play Store today.


Motorola Assist, as its name implies, works as a the best companion, and make the users to keep some rules during certain situations. The app will lets the users to travel safe in the roads. With  Motorola Assist, smartphones will never interrupt important meetings, or disturb sleep.

The Motorola Assist will decline the incoming call and automatically reply to the calls with an SMS while the user is driving. The app also read new messages for the user and make an auto reply too. Same is the case when you are in a meeting or sleeping. Users can set up Motorola Assist to make an automatic replay to the incoming calls and text messages, if the person who is calling or texting is there on your Favorites list.

On the other hand, Motorola Connect will work in conjunction with a Google Chrome web browser extensions to deliver message and call notification from phone to desktop. When you are busy in desktop, you don’t have to take your phone often, Motorola Connect  will display text messages and incoming call details on your computer.

Both the Motorola Assist and Motorola Connect will be available to download for free, unfortunately they are compatible with only a limited number of Motorola devices including Moto X, Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra and Droid Mini. To activate Motorola Connect, a Chrome browser extension on the desktop is must.

Download Motorola Assist from Play Store
Download Motorola Connect from Play Store
Download Motorola Connect Chrome extension

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