$57,000 Savelli Champagne Diamond smartphone is for uber-chic hands

The gold iPhone 5s isn’t the gaudiest phone of your kind? Well, you have to check out the brand new smartphone from the Swiss designer Alessandro Savelli. The $57,000 Savelli Champagne Diamond smartphone is an Android thing that makes the Gold iPhone 5s truly cheap and not at all enticing.
Savelli Champagne Diamond
The market for status symbol smartphone jewelry has flourished now, and the Savelli is ready to rock with his latest collection of exclusive smartphones. The designer introduced a range of smartphones finished with precious metals, jewels and exotic skins, even the colored alligator skin is also in to the collection. They are up for sale at luxury UK retailer Harrods.

The phone is crafted with 18-carat rose gold and boasts whopping 395 white diamonds. Of course you won’t get excited with its specifications, rather the phone is designed for the uber-chic hands.

The company’s official website is not so specific on the features of the device, but still it mentions what ultimately you will get back for your money, in terms of specification

  • 32GB of internal storage
  • MicroUSB
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • Android OS
  • GSM Quadband
  • PC and Mac sync.

The version of the Android is unknown, but they mentioned that the device can run Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube etc.

So are you ready to pay $57,000 for a phone?
Source : Savelli
Via : Daily Mail

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