Amazon’s Prime Air, the futuristic delivery method with drones

The retailer giant has range of shopping options like free two-day shipping, Sunday deliveries for prime customers etc. Well, you will get one more option to get your things delivered, via Amazon Prime Air, that delivers the products to land on people’s front porches as fast as with in 30 minutes, after you hit the ‘buy’ button. With Prime Air Amazon is taking the delivery in to the next level, by using delivery drones.
Amazon Prime Air

In a gentle interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” Amazon’s Chief Executive Jeff Bezos unveiled their secret project called Amazon Prime Air, which is still in R&D stage. The host Charlie Rose visited Amazon’s Seattle headquarters for the story, and posted a video on how the Prime Air will work.
“These are Octocopters,” says Bezos in the interview, “these are effectively drowns, but there’s no reason these can’t be used as delivery vehicles.”
The drones will pick up packages up to five pounds, and deliver the product to a ten mile radius from Amazon’s fulfillment area. So the customer would receive the purchase with in 30 minutes. It looks crazy, when your Kindles, diapers and anything with in 5 pounds delivered in to your door steps by drones.

Unfortunately, the service won’t launch overnight.  Bezos says that it is four or five years away from reality, but he stated that “It will work, and it will happen, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Right now Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t set any regulatory rules for these type of delivery, so the program Prime Air is still subjected to regulatory and safety authorities.

The “60 Minutes” interview  takes us to an inside look at Amazone’s Prime Air, and gives a glimpse on how it is processed and delivered. Take a break and enjoy the video.

Via : CBS News, Amazon

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