Smartphone is a must have part of our life, and for most of the people camera is of prime importance when choosing a smartphone. Most often, for a perfect snap we have to go a long way, and it doesn’t end by just a click. We need a good editor too, and if possible the best. The mouse driven desktop image editors are just outdated, as it’s difficult to run to our computer, every time we need images edited . Smartphones have changed things for good. Now your fingers can do everything with few taps, thanks to the numerous photo editor apps out there.

Thankfully, the Play Store is filled with countless number of photo editor apps. However, it is a bit tough to choose the best from thousands available. Here we have compiled the list of best photo editor apps available now on Google Play Store. Most apps are free, but you have to pay for a few of the premium editors. I have made a list of the best android photo editor apps available on play store.

Updated on December 27, 2016 at 12:00 pm IST

These are the best photo editor apps that you can download for your android phone

Prisma for Android

Prisma for Android is the latest of the photo editor apps to become the part of this vast eco system. Primsa took the Internet by storm with its launch last month. Prisma is beyond a mere photo editor app. It really converts you images to a painting done by a skilled artists. Prisma does it, according to its developers, using algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence.

Unlike other photo editor tools, Prisma studies the entire image before delivering the output. Download Prisma and become an artist of your own creations. Within a short span of its launch it has already become one of the most downloaded apps in Internet.




Snapseed (Free)


Developed by Nik Software, Snapseed is one of the best and must-have photo editing app for Smartphone users. It has a clean, innovative and most intuitive, well placed user interface that is optimally designed for touch centric UI.

The things that you can do with Snapseed includes edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, add black and white, vintage, drama or grunge effects to your image and convert it into a high quality one. The app let you to select image frames from a number of options. Snapseed also lets the users to set separate focus and exposure targets.

Download Snapseed from Google Play Store


Aviary is one of the coolest android photo editors and houses wide range of effects, filters and enhancement tools. The app features a range of versatile enhancement tools for quick and easy editing like adding effects, cropping images etc.

The finger friendly user interface makes it easy to navigate through the tools. Because of its easy and unique range of tools, Twitter has picked Aviary as its default photo editor. The app is free and available for download from Google Play Store. Aviary is also offering a premium themed content packs for extreme editors.

Download Aviary photo editor from Google Play Store




PicsArt is yet another free Android photo editing app, and one of the most favored and widely picked app. The app offers a clean and simple interface along with easy to use tools. PicsArt lets you to draw on photos, make collages, take photos and share them on your social network platforms. The effects available includes FX, artistic pop art, paper, distort, color splash etc. The users can fix the red eye.

Download PicsArt from Google Play Store

Pixlr Express



Pixlr Express is one of the most feature rich photo editing apps available on Google Play. The app is loaded with full of effects and features that opens a way to the finest image. Like any other photo editor, Pixlr Express allows the users to take a new picture or to use any other pictures available within your system.

With Pixlr Express, user can do some basic editing like to fix the picture, spot healing, remove red eye, whiten teeth, crop or resize the image etc. The app has some advanced features like adding different type of texts and stickers to your images, giving borders or overlay’s, and a vintage look to your photos. The app allows the users to share the edited image directly through social networks. With more than 600 effects, overlays and borders, Pixlr Express is a must have for your Android device.

Download Pixlr Express from Google Play Store


Instagram, the online photo and video sharing app was IOS exclusive initially. It took a long while to reach in Android, but when it made its way to Android, the app never disappointed the Android users. The app allows the users to take new photos, or import the already existing ones from your store.

Once you have selected your image, you can add effects to them. Filters like Amaro, X Pro II and tools like grid control, flash control, adjustable linear and radial tilt shift effects, Lux, an auto adjustment effect that makes your photos look awesome. You can share your photos directly on Instagram’s network, or any other social networks.

Download Instagram from Google Play Store



PicSay is an award winning photo editor with both free and premium version for just casual and professional editing. It’s a full packed app that lets you to add effects, fix your photos, and add text and speech bubbles to your photos. You just need to tap the photo to find the menu, and there you will get a range of options like adding effects, stickers, balloons. You can share the images through social networks or just export it via Bluetooth, Google+, MMS etc. One of the main drawbacks of the app is its limited resolution. The PicSay offers only 427×320, while the higher resolutions like 640×480, 1024×768 will be available only in PicSay Pro version.

Download PicSay from Google Play Store

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