Bluetooth SIG has announced Bluetooth 4.1 with new features

The Bluetooth SIG has announced the latest version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 4.1. Even though the latest version of Bluetooth isn’t coming with any ground breaking features, still it managed to include some impressive improvements over the previous Bluetooth 4.0.
The latest version BT 4.1 is mainly focusing on improving usability, Empowering Developer Innovation and also Enabling the Internet of Things. BT SIG promises a better usability for the end users, and it comes in the form of “coexistence,” “better connections” and finally, “improved data transfer.” With the coexistence, the BT SIG means that both LTE radios and Bluetooth will communicate each other and co-ordinate their transmission, without any interference. “Better connections,” promises an automatic reconnection, even if the user walk out of range, and get disconnected for a short span. Finally, the “improved data transfer,” delivers an efficient data transfer with all new accessories.

Bluetooth 4.1 offers more flexibility for the developers, thus making it easier for the developers to use the technology. The BT 4.1 allows any device to be both peripheral and hub at the same time, and wearable tech space is going to take the advantage of this improvement. The BT 4.1 has also set a new standard for using IPV6, that will helps for ¬†working at the center of the ” Internet of Things”

To know more on the Bluetooth 4.1, visit the press release here.

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