Enjoy Bitcoin shopping in India

Bitcoins are now earning attention from everywhere. The demand for Bitcoins are increasing like every other day and its value is going sky high(1,139 USD). Well, if you are new to the term Bitcoins, let me explain. Bitoin, a peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency, launched in 2009 by Santoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous developer who still continues as an unidentified person or a group of persons. The value of Bitcoin has surged from a $0.30 to $1,139 now.
Bit coin for tender coconut

Now you may end up with a question, what can I buy with a Bitcoin in India? Fret not, you can enjoy the Bitcoin shopping in India also. A Bangalore based company has launched India’s first Bitcoin based e-commerce site named Mad Over Coins, that accepts Bitcoins.

You will get anything and everything from MOC, ranging from day-to-day stuffs like biscuits, sweets, chocolates pickles and even you can pick a second hand Royal Enfield Bike in return of Bitcoin. Vikram Nikkam, who is a part of Unobit solutions started the website Madovercoin. MOC will make in country and world wide delivery.

Bitcoin economy is going to be the traders paradise in India also, as there are no rules and regulations set by RBI for trading and profit over this virtual money. More than that the coin is out of VAT or service tax. Bitcoin shopping may be the upcoming trend in the market. According to the Forbes,” India could be the next booming market for Bitcoin”.

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