OPPO N1 is the first Google certified CyanogenMode smartphone now

It’s a time to cherish for the team behind the CyanogenMod Inc. today, as their first CyanogenMod device Oppo N1 officially passed all the certifications from Google, and now becomes world’s first Google-certified CyanogenMod phone.
Running on CM 10.2 the OPPO N1 has passed through Google’s CTS(Compatibility Test Suit), CDD (Compatibility Definition Document) and CTS Verifier successfully. Which means that the phone can run Google’s apps and access the Play Store, without side loading anything.

The approval is not just a great news for CyanogenMode, but it gaves a new confidence level for those developers who wanted to get the approval from Google for their Android project.

The team Cyanogen Inc. is rumored to be working on a pure “CyanogenMod”, and it will hit sometime in the next year, but nothing is clear right now. But we must expect more CyanodenMod powered smartphones in the future.
Source | Google Groups
Via | AndroidAuthority

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