Samsung to unveil next generation Exynos processor at CES 2014, planning to update the current Exynos too

Samsung semiconductor division is all set to launch their next generation SoCs on January 7, CES. The news is coming directly from the official Samsung Exynos twitter account, and it says

#CES2014 is right around the corner, Are you ready to #UnlockExynos?:attp://
The tweet doesn’t reveal any details on the processor, but one thing is pretty sure that the processor will be definitely an Octa-Core one with which the Korean giant going to power their next generation Galaxy device.

Although Samsung introduced Exynos 5 processor, as the first Octa-Core processor, it lacks the true Octa-core processing power, as it can’t access all the eight cores at the same time. Rather it is based on ARM’s big. LITTLE technology in which the processor is divided into two clusters, one with low-performance cores with low power consumption and other one with high-performance core with higher power consumption.

Now if the rumors to be believed the next generation processor from Samsung will be coming with Hetrogeneous Multi-processing. That will make the device to perform as a true Octa-Core

More than that there are some speculations that Samsung would enable the Hetrogeneous Multi-processing in its current Exynos 5 processors also. The Exynos 5420, used in Galaxy Note 3 has the implementation of HMP in its hardware level, and missing a software implementation. It can be activated with a software update. Nothing has been confirmed, just stay awaited for CES to know more whether your Note 3 can perform even better.

Source : Samsung Exynos
Via : Sam Mobile

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