From Smartphones to dashboards. Yes, Android is going to rule the future dashboards. CES 2014 is becoming a venue for this new battle over the dashboard. The world’s most luxurious automobile maker Audi was also there in the CES, and if you think that they showcased a brand new car, then you are wrong. The premium car maker surprisingly unveiled a new tablet, dubbed as Audi Smart Display.
Audi Smart Display

” It has been developed specifically for in-car use,” says Ricky Hudi, Audi’s development executive.

The 10.2″ Audi Smart Display is a ruggedized tablet with LTE support. The Audi Smart Display is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra T40 processor, and let you to access Google Play Store. The tablet can integrate with the vehicle via Wi-Fi, and let the users to interact with the car and also control it’s infotainment system. Thus you can take phone calls, navigate music with the new tablet, and as it is coming with Google Play, users can able to download and use any app from Google Play.

No idea about whether the tablet can use outside the car, or it really hit the market.

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