HP android smartphone coming

The CES 2014 has come to an end. We saw some amazing stuffs coming out of the tech show this year. Many new phones were launched mostly android. The trend now, we believe, is in favor of affordable devices when it comes to Android smartphones. The $200 phones are gaining traction among the manufacturers. This can be attributed to the success of Moto G that got accepted by the critics and customers.

HP seems to have waited for CES to get over for the introduction of their android smart phone. From the information that are floating on the web, HP is soon releasing a $200, and soon means it can even be next week. The display of the device is said to be 5.5 inches. Other specifications are not known yet, speculations go in favor of 720p display.

According to the sources the device resembles Samsung’s Galaxy Note, whether it is in terms of looks or if there is a real stylus pen that will come along is yet to be seen. Look wise there are many devices that resembles Galaxy Note. Specification wise, it will be difficult for HP to make a match for Galaxy note for $200. There is of course lot more news to follow so stay tuned for more updates on this new device.

Source: HP

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