The Korean electronics giant has already confirmed that they are working on the successor of their Optimus G Pro, and it will be called as Optimus G Pro 2. But the details on the device are just few, and in fact we don’t have seen any pictures of the device yet. But now we got an idea on how the upcoming flagship phablet from LG looks like, as it appeared in some live photos.
LG G Pro 2
The phone is said to be coming as the rival for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, and from the leaked pictures, it seems like that LG’s G Pro 2 takes some inspirations from the same, in case of design, along with LG’s own unique features. LG seems to included the rear button controls. The device is also expected to offer QSlide, Guest Mode, custom User Experience (UX) bits like Knock etc.
LG G Pro 2
No idea on the other features of the device, including the core features like display, processor, memory etc. But it is supposed to be joining the 6″ club with Snapdragon 800/805 processor. We have to wait for another leak or any official word to know more on the device.

Via : Android Community
Source : RBMEN

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