The rumors on the Nokia Normandy, the first Android smartphone from Nokia is heating up like never before. The phone which we spotted yesterday is back again in leaks, and this time our master leaker @evleaks posted a press shot like image of the device, but still there are no confirmed details on the specifications of the device right now.
Nokia Normandy
Nokia Normandy supposed to be an entry level smartphone from Nokia targeting the flooded budget smartphone market. The leaked image confirms again that the device is coming with Nokia’s own Asha inspired design, with just a single back button on the front. It is expected to be coming in six attractive colors, including Green, White, Blue, Red, Yellow and black.

As it was rumored earlier, the phone is coming up with a forked version of Android, that shows its love towards Windows. The UI is highly inspired by Metro Style UI of Windows, with live tiles. The forked Android not supposed to offer any access to Google Play Store or any Google branded apps like Google Maps, rather Nokia is planning to replace those Google Apps by their own apps like Nokia Maps, Bing, Outlook etc.

The phone is expected to make its debut at MWC next month. So stay tuned for more details on the device.

Via : @evleaks

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