Back in the beginning of CES 2014, NVIDIA officially announced their latest mobile processor, Tegra K1. The company showcased the processor as world’s first 192 core super processor. Now NVIDIA introduces a new reference tablet with Tegra K1 processing power, for their potential partners.
NVIDIA Tegra K1 Reference Tablet

The new tablet features a 7-inch display with 1920 x 1200 resolution. The tablet supports 4GB of RAM, and seems like that the 4GB of RAM is going to be a part of high-end Smartphones in 2014. Even though the resolution of 1920 x 1200 is not a big thing in tablet world, NVIDIA has jumped from 1280 x 800 of its previous version. The design seems to be the same as in the previous Tegra 7 tablet.

NVIDIA is offering the new processor in two variants, both 32-bit and 64-bit. The 32-bit version is based on the ARM Cortex A15 quad-core CPU, while the 64-bit one from NVIDIA is finished with their “Denver” CPU.

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