With their Find 5 Android Smartphone, Oppo Electronics gained attention from all over the world. The company is said to be busy with their upcoming flagship device Oppo Find 7. But the Find 7 phablet is not the only device in their pipeline, rather they are cooking up another entry-to-mid rangers too.
Oppo Neo
The company teases a new device, dubbed as Oppo Neo. There is not much more details available about the device. The teaser itself focuses on some special features of the device, without going deep into its specification. The phone is presented as a ‘coming soon,’ with a sub-heading “Let your finger talks.”

Quick Reach, Glove Mode and a 4.5″ display are the other features mentioned in the teaser. In which the first feature, Quick Reach is supposed to be Oppo’s gesture-based feature that launches a range of new features quickly, the 4.5″ IPS display of Oppo Neo said to work in Glove Mode also, in which the display can detect touches from gloved hands also.

No other details available from the teaser, stay awaited for more details.

Via : GSMArena

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