Samsung is planning to launch their next generation Galaxy Note device by the second half of this year, and more exciting news on the upcoming Note from the Korean giant is that, the Note 4 could feature an innovative three sided display. Yes, we mean it. This is not just a rumor, as the words are from Samsung officials itself. Samsung’s executive vice president of Samsung mobile business, Lee Young Hee mentioned the details regarding the upcoming devices from Samsung, in an interview with Bloomberg.
Galaxy Note
Samsung has already showcased three sided displays, back at CES last year. It will let the users to read messages from an angle. With the new device, the Samsung is targeting extremely high-end users, it seems.

“We are targeting consumers who want more professional use and tend to be willing to pay more for handsets, ” added Lee in his conversation with Bloomberg.

If Samsung introduced such three sided display, it will be a beginning of a new battle in the tech world. Take a look at the video attached after the break.

Source: Bloomberg
Via : PhoneArena

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