Games like Temple Run became so popular that the majority of people buying a smartphone have an intention of playing games on their devices.

Temple Run for computer, laptop pc


Before buying an android phone people make sure that the device have the needed configuration to run games like subway surfer, temple run etc. These games asks for more resources so that devices with 512 MB RAM or below memory lags when these games are played.

The good news is you can now download and play Temple Run for Computer. This download lets you play the game on a computer or a laptop that runs on Windows XP/7/8 versions of OS.

The process is not complicated, those who have the minimum knowledge on how to install a software on PC can perform this with ease. It can be done in a two step process Let us now look at how this is done.

Step by step process on how to download and play Temple Run on your computer or laptop PC:

1. Download Blue stacks software and install it on your computer. This is the software that lets you run the APK game file that other wise does not run on a Windows PC.

2. Now you can either search for ‘Temple run’ in the blue stacks interface that pops up after install, or you can download the Temple Run.APK directly from Google drive and install it. In the first process the blue stacks software does the search and installation for you. In the second process, after downloading the APK file click on it to install. In both processes you need to have Blue stacks installed.

Now enjoy your favorite android game on your Computer or laptop PC. The experience may not be as good as on your Android device because Temple Run is designed for touch enabled devices and optimized for Android OS. But on PC you have an advantage of being able to play the game on a bigger screen.

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