Missing the Flappy Bird, now enjoy the game on your browser with any devices

He did as he said. Yes, we are talking about the developer of much frustrating and much viral sensational game Flappy Bird. By the end of last week, he tweeted that he is going to take the game down from both Apple App store ans also from Google Play store. He claims to be tired of the fame and money he is getting from the game, and those unnecessary attention, he is getting from everywhere, ruined his simple life. He pulled off the game, and the Flappy Bird has been gone forever.
Flappy Bird
Well, Is that really gone from us? No, it seems. Those who are already having the game on their device still enjoy the game. But those who are not, here we got a number of alternatives to play the same. Earlier today, the devices loaded with Flappy Bird game become a luxury item on eBay. Still the users with Flappy Bird installed on their smartphone is listing their devices, and some of the are priced as high as $99,000 (not the final price, the final price depends on the bids).

If you are yet to play this viral sensational game, and if you can’t afford that whopping price tag, we will have another alternative for you. Ural Ozden, a software developer has been introduced a new way to enjoy the same Flappy Bird. He just created the Flappy Bird in the browser. Now anyone with a web browser can play the game on any device, in tablet, smartphones or on computers, thanks to the HTML 5. You just need to navigate uralozden.com/flappy to activate your Flappy Bird.

According to Dong Nguyen, the reason for pulling down the game is that he can’t take it anymore. The game was reported to be fetching around $50,000 per day, when he was removing the game. There are some words that he may be scared by some legal threats. According to some unconfirmed news, the Japanese game developer Nintendo wrote to Dong Nguyen about the similarities between the pipes used in the game ans also some background graphics. According to them those seem to have been taken from their Super Mario. But Nguyen refused about any legal threats and he wrote on Twitter that “It is not anything related to legal issues, I just cannot keep it anymore”

Anyway, you just forget all and enjoy your flappy bird.

Source : Gottabemobile

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