Google announces “Chromebox for meeting,” A new conference call system for $999

Google is taking a massive step into the enterprise world, with the introduction of their latest product, “Chromebox for meeting.” An alternate conference call system based on their Chrome platform. The Chromebox for meeting is a simple and affordable solution to replace the expensive teleconference system. The Chromebox for meeting, with the help of some pre-configured hardware and with the support of Google+ hangouts and Google apps, makes any room into a virtual roundtable. You just need to walk into the room and press a remote, to enter into a meeting.
Chromebox For Meeting
The new system will allow Google hangouts up to 15 people, and they can join the session from their Chromeboxes, personal computer and also from their smartphones or tablets.

Coming to the hardware part of Chromebox for meeting, the set up consists a standard-issue Asus Chrome Box, 1080p webcam from Logitech, a wireless microphone/speaker combo and a remote with a keyboard on the back. No need to tell you that you should need a display, that you can choose your size. The Chromeboxes for the meeting is more powerful than the original Chromeboxes available in the market now. It comes with the Intel Core i7 processor and it can encrypt multiple video streams at once. The set up will be coming with an unbelievable price tag, you just need to pay $999, and an extra $250 annually for the 24/7 support, and Google offers free 24/7 support for the first year.

Following Asus, HP and Dell will introduce their Chromeboxes in the following days.

Via | Google Official Blog

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