LG made Google smartwatch reportedly headed to Google I/O

It is not a secret that a Google made smartwatch is in the making, and the rumors on the same has been making a regular visit to the rumor mills recently. Now the famous serial leakster @evleaks confirms that the device is real and we will be seeing a smartwatch from Google very soon. The tweet says that
Google Smartwatch
” Apparently Google’s smartwatch is being made by LG, and will launch at I/O.”

As Google tied up with LG for their latest two devices(for Nexus 5 and Nexus 4), it is not so hard to believe that an LG made Google smartwatch is going to be real. If we go with @evleaks, we could see the smartwatch at Google I/o conference 2014, which is scheduled in June, starting from June 25.

In a related news Tech Crunch also confirmed that the Google smart watch is real and it will most probably arriving in June. According to them, Google is prepping the smart watch as an accessory, and not like any independent device. It is designed to work with Android smartphone devices.

They also reported that the smartwatch will be coming with a plastic band, full color square display and also with Bluetooth 4.0 LE to communicate with the smartphones. It doesn’t seem to support any apps when it launched, but Google will release an SDK later for their developers to build apps for the smartwatch.

Via: @eveleaks, Tech Crunch

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