Wicked Leak preparing a water proof Android phone

Wicked leak is teasing a banner asking “will you phone survive a dip in the coffee?.” This obviously means that the company is making a phone that is water proof, is it heat proof too? Coffee is served hot and cold, so we cannot say.

Wicked leak Water proof phone

Wicked leak is an android device marketing company based in India. They are behind the famous Wammy passion series of smartphones. The latest in the wammy passion series, the whammy passion Z+ was the first device to get Android 4.4 Kitkat update in India. Moto G came next. 

The Wammy passion Z+ with all those great specifications like full HD display, quad core processor, 1 GB RAM and 13 MP camera sells for an unbelievable low price of Rs. 12990.

Besides Wammy passion series, the company markets titan phablets and Ethos tablets. We are not quite sure on which series the new device belong to. Going by previous example we expect the upcoming smartphone to feature some high end specifications.

No wonder if they match the specs of Sony Xperia Z1 compact. Let’s wait and see.

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