Moto 360 smartwatch to be customizable as Moto X & Moto G

Motorola announced Moto 360, the first smartwatch to be out with Android Wear, last week. When the former Google owned company revealed the watch, it goes talk in the town with its elegant looks and sophisticated design aspects. Though the company officially unveiled the device, it left out a lot of details. But now some sources over the web coming up with more on the device. Some alleged photos of the device is floating over the web and it shows that the Moto 360 will be customizable as Moto X and Moto G, and if its true the customers can able to order a wide range of watch bands straight from Motorola.
Moto 360

As Motorola finished the device mixed with a little design inspiration, Moto 360 will be a part of both technology and fashion world. With the custom straps and watch faces, Moto 360 will give the customers their own style statement, in a classic way.

From the available photos, Moto 360 will have seven leather watch straps including Gray, Black, Dark Blue, Brown, Tan, Teal and also various options.¬†Don’t worry if you are not a leather fan, as the leather is not the only option available for the strap. Moto 360 is supposed to be coming in metallic finish. The metallic band is appeared to be in black and gray finish.
Moto 360

A circular shaped watch face placed neatly above the stylish bands. From the available screen shots, the watch features a digital display that has an analog dial, and also shows battery percentage indicator and the date. The watch is also coming with a back cover, that  seems to be customizable.
Moto 360
The watch holds a microphone hole on its left side, for the voice control of the device, and a physical knob on its right, that can be rotated or pushed like in a regular watch.

Meanwhile a Chinese Blogger confirms that the watch features a Sapphire Glass to protect against scratches and an OLED display for extreme color accuracy.

Stay tuned for more details on the device.

Source | Slashgear

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