Motorola announces Moto 360 with Android Wear

Following the announcement of Android Wear, a new platform that extends Android to wearable space, Motorola the former Google owned company has announced their first smartwatch, Moto 360 powered by Android Wear. The Moto 360 stands out with its unique and exciting design and at first glance, it seems to feature almost all the spices, a watch nerd looking forward for. It’s a perfect blend of style and technology, with its round face and premium built material on the new Android Wear platform.
Motorola has announced that Moto 360 will be available starting from this Summer in a variety of styles, and the U.S is the first country to get the Moto 260.

“The wristwatch has been through several evolutions since it first becomes a popular fashion accessory more than 100 years ago. From mechanical to electronic movements, along to digital faces, the wristwatch has been reinvented several times over, but the basic design has endured for a century because of its elegance and usefulness ‘at a glance.’ Our vision for Moro 360 was to celebrate that history as we reimagined the wristwatch for the future,” note Motorola in their official blog post.

No other details available right now. Stay awaited for more updates, meanwhile, enjoy the Moto 360 in its full swing in a video uploaded by Motorola.

Via | Motorola

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