Android TV coming to living rooms

We have more evidence now on the existence of Android TV. There are fresh talks on Android TV over the media in the recent days, obviously because of the launch of Amazon Fire TV.

Android TV

We found a video where the Marvell Video R&D Software Architecture Team Leader Gaurav Arora demonstrates Android TV and Chrome cast performing on their Marvel Armada 1500 devices. There are four different devices on the demo — Marvel Armada 1500 mini, Marvel Armada 1500 mini that runs 3D, Marvel Armada 1500 -Plus and Marvel Armada¬† 1500 HD pro.

It is now clear that Google is renaming the Google TV to Android TV or may even call it simply Android, as they are converging the Android platform to be used on smartphones, tablets and televisions. You get androided in every aspect of life. The demo shows the device running Android 4.2 OS on the Armada 1500 plus and HD pro. Gaurav says the devices will be available from Q2 this year with Android TV running in it. The user can use keyboard, mouse or remote control to perform the action on the TV.

Andriod TV devices won’t be able to run all the third party apps that we use on Android smartphones and tablets. There are a limited set of apps that they call¬†Android TV GMS Package, that includes apps like YouTube, Chrome browser, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and everything else optimized for the TV.

The users don’t have to enter the specific apps to search for the content in them. The third party apps are probably limited because they may not perform well for these search operations.

Coming back to the marvel devices, the most advanced device Marvel Armada 1500 HD pro is powered by a quad core processor, while the Armada 1500 plus is powered by dual core processor and the Armada 1500 mini is powered by a single core processor. All these devices have different graphics handling capabilities. The Armada 1500 HD pro runs advanced 3D graphics, while the Armada 1500 plus runs 3D graphics but less powerful compared to pro HD. Armada 1500 mini can only run 2D graphics and it runs Chromecast, while there is also a 3D version of this device.

According to Gaurav Arora, all the second generation Google TV devices can be upgraded to Android TV. In the demo we see the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS running on the devices. It is possible that the devices might run the latest Android Version Kitkat when they launch.

See the video on the You tube link


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