Confirmed: ‘Priced for all’ smartphone is Moto E

Recently Moto E sent invites to press for an event scheduled in Delhi and London on May 13. Prior to that there were leaks from Brazil suggesting that the Motorola is about to release a budget line smartphone, and the images of the box suggested the specs of the devices.

Moto E import Data

There were only rumors until now, with no solid proofs to suggest that the device Moto E exists, or whether it will be the name of this ‘priced for all’ phone. Zauba, an import data website has listed the import details of the Motorola Moto E phone to India. The shipment is to Bangalore suggesting that the the phone will be available on Flipkart, the same day of launch as they did for Moto G and Moto X phones.

Motorola seems to have tied exclusive deals with Flipkart. The import data also throws light on the number of initial shipment units as well as the price. Total 2000 pieces are shipped  with a quoted price of Rs. 6,330. Applying taxes and other charges, individual unit price will not exceed beyond Rs. 10,000. We expect the price of Moto E to range between 9,000 and 10, 000.

From the leaks we already know that the device will come in 3 models — XT1021 (single SIM), XT1022 (dual SIM) and XT1025 (dual SIM with digital TV). One the specifications front we know that the Moto E will feature a 4.3 inch display with unknown resolution (probably qHD). It will be powered by a dual core processor along with 1 GB or RAM.

The internal storage is limited to 4 GB, but there is microSD slot for further expansion, unlike  the Moto G. The rear camera comes with 5 MP, and most importantly the phone runs on Android 4.4 OS. The battery is of 1,900 mAh capacity.

We shall update with more specific details and probably do a quick review and comparison when the phone is launched. Follow us for more news and updates.

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