Kitkat for Xolo Q700S, Q1010i, Q1010, Q3000 in June

Xolo announced Android kitkat roll out for their device in June. The devices that receives Kitkat 4.4 in June includes Xolo Q700S, Q1010i, Q1010 and Q3000. These are the best selling devices from the company in recent times.


Recently the company had offered Android Kitkat download for their popular device Q1000 opus. However may complains followed shortly after, mostly about the issues with the WiFi connectivity of the phone. Xolo has also issued a change log for this device which is listed below.

  • Smoother multitasking experience through better memory management
  • Upgraded Hangout that supports SMS and MMS integrated in the same application
  • Immersive mode that hides everything except the application used
  • Smarter caller tool that identifies unknown numbers by using Google Maps data and prioritizes contacts based on the people mostly spoken with
  • Redesigned email app with nested folders, contact photos and better navigation
  • Integration with Google Drive


Indian domestic phone vendors are currently facing stiff competition from the foreign multi national companies. The launch of Moto phones in the company have lowered new price bars for the phones compelling the companies to cut on their margins and to improve on the quality of the products and services. When the companies like Motorola launch devices with most recent software version, there is no other option left for the domestic vendors, than to upgrade.

Xolo’s recent launches comes with guaranteed software update. We also see this on Lava phones. Lava too is believed to issue a Kitkat roll out on some of their devices.

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