RailYatri adds more features to Android Railway App: Review

RailYatri have added more features to their Android railway Apps. The app, now have become all the more exciting. Those who have already used this app are all praises on the features that it offers to the rail travelers in India. Those who have not tried this apps yet, make sure you have it in your handset if you plan to travel on rails.

When I found RailYatri apps for the first time, I thought of including it to our list of Android Travel Apps India. But when I went through the features it became obvious to me that this apps requires a special mention, so here is the exclusive post for our readers on the features of this Android railway apps.

Having traveled across India on trains, I have several memories related to those travels. Every journey on trains were special and leaves some memories for future. I still remember the first time I boarded a train, and there were many more to follow. The first time journey is unforgettable. It was in the year 1997, when we (me and Suraj) boarded the train to Mumbai (then Bombay) from Coimbatore. It was a 48 hours journey and we had no preparations and no sleeper class booking either. We were going for a 2 month summer training session in Mumbai.

We boarded on the General compartment during the evening hours, the night went by without any problems. The morning came, as the time elapsed we started realizing the mistake that we did in not booking a sleeper class. The temperature had started soaring and when it was noon, the temperature became so high that we were not able to touch any part of the train. Everything around us was very hot, no sign of vegetation anywhere, and the train was constantly running, without stops, through the barrenness. To add to our miseries there was no water in the train. We were in a hell like situation. I will not forget that day and vowed not to make such a mistake in future . The next day was not as bad, but was not good either. Later on I realized that we were traveling through the fields in Andhra Pradesh.

This incident led to me to take journeys more seriously, and since then booked tickets well in advance, traveled mostly during rains or winter. For our relief the Konkan railway started sooner reducing the travel hours from our city to Mumbai from 48 hours to around 21 hours. There are several other memories, the first time travel for job, first time travel for a meeting in Delhi, first travel on Konkan railways, they were all special.

We now have technology that can be used on trains. In the past there were no smartphones, and laptops were scarce. Now we even get WiFi on certain trains and have smartphones to add to the entertainment while on wheels. The mobile travel apps play an important role on and off the train. You can book tickets, check the PNR status etc. When I thought of reviewing an Android Railway App I had made my mind only to do so if it really offer value to the users. Here are some of the RailYatri Railway Travel App features that impressed me.

My Trip

My train Trips were all special to me. I recently read an article of a prominent cartoonist in our country, where he says that the inspiration to draw cartoons mostly comes from his hours at railway platforms, and he says, he does it quite often. Watching people from different modes of life is exciting. I personally do not miss much opportunities myself, whether it be for seeing off people I will be present.

My Trip Customisation rail Yatri

Coming back to the Apps. The “My Trip” feature in RailYatri app offers information on nearby stations, live station status, platform information, directions to the nearest station etc. without having to ask for it. The intelligent personalization feature automatically configures itself based on your location.

Seat Availability Confirmation Forecast

Seat Availaibility with Forecast

It is not just the lack of planning that would put you in trouble, but it is important to plan. I have had difficulties to get my tickets confirmed even when it was booked well in advance. While booking tickets on irctc, we do not have any clue on whether the ticket will get confirmed by the date of travel. We have to rely exclusively on our instincts, inspired by our previous experiences. RailYatri have included a “Seat Availability Confirmation Forecast” feature that impressed me. This feature uses an algorithm that predicts whether the ticket will get confirmed by the date of travel. It uses crowd sourced data to forecast the Confirmation Availability.


Speedometer RailYatri

RailYatri is the first Android railway travel app I review on this website, and I am impressed with the features that it provides. I also quizzed my friends those who have used this apps while on travel and they have the opinion that “RailYatri is genuine, and is very useful and entertaining.” Entertaining? I wondered what would entertain you on an android train travel app. I found them when I dug further deep into the features of this apps. I never had a clue that a railway apps can provide the real time speed of a train, RailYatri does it with the help of GPS, and does more.  You can share the speed at which you travel with your friends on Facebook. It is quite a fun thing to do.

PNR Smart Predictor

Now, if we have already booked an unconfirmed ticket, RailYatri, offers a feature where it helps us to find out whether it will be confirmed. This feature uses the probability analysis based on the confirmation history of similar tickets booked in the past.

Platform locator

Platform Locator Rail Yatri

With this feature we know the exact platform on which our train arrives. This is hugely beneficial when we carry huge luggages.  Our platforms are still not equipped with escalators or elevators. This feature avoids the final minute chaos and the trouble of carrying the heavy luggages over the 50+ steps sky bridge. We don’t like it unless we really want to shed some calories, do we?

Rail Wisdom

I ask myself, What do I miss most while traveling on train? The answer is I miss those places that go past, and most of them are places of interest. In the past there was no way to know the coming and passing stations unless you get down on the platform and search for the location name board. Not to miss those panoramic scenes on Konkan Rail Journey I would keep hitting the doors of the cabin (don’t do it it is dangerous). Some of those views are still my best pictures in my travels. Often wondered, whether I could know the name of those places to relate to.

Rail Wisdom Rail Yatri

Coming back to the apps, the “Rail Wisdom” feature does fill those voids that I mentioned in the above para, but is not the only thing it does. Rail Wisdom puts all information related to train stations under one roof for instance amenities like wheel chairs, retiring rooms, waiting rooms, station master contact details, hand pushed trolleys etc. This feature is extremely useful if you are visiting a city for the first time.

Rail Wisdom is a crowd sourced feature for travelers to share and seek information from fellow travelers taking the train. It captures the intelligence of daily travelers by predictive search and lists other trains running on the same route, without you having to look for them.


Androided.in, and me personally gives 5/5 rating for Railyatri Railway Apps. With so many features already added to this, there is not need to look beyond if you are planning for a train travel in the near future. You can download this apps from Google Play store. I know there are many more features that are being added to this and I will keep you updated on the progress of this apps.

Below I have included a chart where it shows how RailYatri compare with other Railway Apps like Ixigo and Disha.

Android Railway Apps Comparison Chart

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