RailYatri now offer food on Indian trains

RailYatri has become ‘delicious’!

The leading railway App is now offering food on trains. They have associated themselves with the leading food service providers like TravelKhana and Yatra chef to offer this service.

RailYatri food service


So, now you have more reasons to download RailYatri on your android phone. The apps, when I reviewed felt to me like a well packed service for rail travelers. When I reviewed this apps few days ago, I had a feeling that there are more in development at RailYatri, which ultimately is coming true.

The apps offers functions like seat availability confirmation forecast, speedometer, PNR smart predictor, Rail Wisdom and My trip, in addition to the food service which is added now.

All the features are discussed in depth in the RailYatri Apps review. The food service on trains through mobile apps is currently not very extensive in India. Those who have traveled on Indian trains inevitably have had the unpleasant occasion of tasting something they call ‘food,’ made on pantries of trains. No matter who ruled India, none for that matter made it a point to improve the quality of food offered on rails by the “railway catering contractors.”

It is good to see the initiatives from the private firms to offer ‘quality’ food on trains, and it is equally good to see RailYatri joining hands with the best in the industry.

Combining the two service providers the service is currently available across 200 stations in the country.

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  1. Dear sir
    I am sorry to say that your application is useless and the caterers you have appointed are careless and good for nothing. I was travelling from pathankot to bulandshahr train no. 24156 pnr no. 2431551584 on dated 18.06.2017 and ordered three veg. Thalis which were supposed to be delivered at jalandhar station. My train was late and reached jalandhar station at 11.45pm when I called up the caterer about my order he carelessly replied that we serve food till 11.00pm so we cancelled your order as the your train is late. I asked him why didn’t you inform me when you cancel my order I would have searched for some other alternative. His way of talking and behaviour was also not appropriate as if he was drunk. Most amazing and hillarious part of this episode is one of your executive called me up in the morning asking me sir how was the food at night. You are running an organization and in today’s world everything is online they don’t even update themselves about their jobs. It was a painfull experience and I will suggest others also not to use your useless application in future.

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