Sony Smartwatch 3 at IFA 2014

Sony Smartwatch 3

Smartwatches have to not got gone well with the customers, as expected by their manufacturers. They are yet to create an independent market on its own. There are more than one obvious reasons for the smartwatches not liked as much as smartphones. But this is not stopping the manufacturers from coming out with new versions of smartwatches. Latest in the news of smartwatch for IFA 2014 is Sony. Sony is scheduled to release Smartwatch 3 which is the progressive successor of Smartwatch 2.

The Sony Smartwatch 3 runs Google’s Android Wear OS. The display is rectangular, 1.68-inch of 320 x 320 pixels. It is IP58 certified dust and water resistant No other specifications of the watch are currently available. Besides there is a wrist band named SmartBand Talk being launched at the venue. It primarily serves as a fitness tracker, and feature curved E Ink display with Bluetooth connectivity support.

For most brands smartwatch is a complimentary accessory for their flagship smartphones. Last we saw a line up of smartwatches. Manufaturers are trying many different thing to seduce their customers. LG is introducing a round G watch, with a great element of style quotient associated with it. Samsung is introducing a somewhat independent smartwatch with 3G chip in it (but shape is rectangular), HP is introducing a designer luxury round smartwatch and Asus is coming up with a cost effective zenwatch (rectatngular)

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