Updates makes Android wear devices self dependent

LG GWatch R

The draw back of any wearable smart device is its dependency on a smartphone. In a latest revelation Google has told cnet that the company is working to reduce this dependency through future updates. The updates that will arrive within the end of this will have significant changes in this direction.

What Google intent to do in the Android Wear is to include Bluetooth and GPS support in to the OS. The wearable manufacturers can thus create devices to support these features. Bluetooth enabling  will help users store music tracks in their watches and listen them on the go with wireless Bluetooth headsets. When the GPS also comes directly on to the watch, the users may not have to rely on smartphones for direction.

The very near future update that will happen with a week will improve the navigation and voice commands. Further updates will bring custom watch faces to Android wear along with deeper feature upgrades. The time for these updates are not yet scheduled.

When all updates and upgrades happens as scheduled the Android wear device may become self dependent. The users can then leave their smartphones at home when these happens, at least when they do not require serious internet browsing. Samsung is already launching Samsung Gear S smartwatch with 3G chip.

Via : engadget

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