Motorola celebrates 2.5 million phone sales in India

Motorola‘s second arrival under Google is a super duper hit, with all the devices launched till date, leaving a lasting impression among happy customers in India. Motorola is keeping the count as well. Now to celebrate the occasion of 2.5 million phone sales in the country, the company is offering some give aways. On offers is Gift vouchers worth 50,000 fro 5 winners and 100% cash back for 100 lucky customers.

Motorola celebrates 2.5 million phones

Motorola under Lenovo has not changed, it is as good as it was under Google. Lenovo, the new owner of Motorola, has got no plans to rename the brand and will continue with two brands in India according to the latest statement issued by the company. Motorola only sells their devices through online, and that too Flipkart is the exclusive seller in the country. Motorola was the first to make exclusive deal with an online portal to sell the device in the country, something which other companies like Xiaomi and Huawei also follows.

The larger pie of sale comes from the Moto G phones (both new and old), and the rest is shared between Moto X and Moto E. The Moto g when it launched in the market surprised many with the unusually low price tag for a quality device. The rest is history, and the Moto G became a run away success in the country selling thousands of units during a period of 9 months. The original Moto G 1st generation was recently replaced with new Moto G 2nd Generation (2014 ), only to return back with a lower price tag. The 2nd generation devices which includes Moto X 2nd generation and Moto G 2nd generation was equally welcomed in the country.

Meanwhile, Motorola also tried its card in the ultra competitive budget Android phone market in the country. The Moto E phone which launched in the budget segment was welcomed by the critics and customers alike. The Moto E now sells for Rs. 6,999. The upcoming device Motorola Moto Maxx is a phone with superficial specifications and features, and already sells in United States in the name of Motorola Droid turbo and in some Latin American countries with the Moto Maxx name.

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