Kodak to launch Android phone at CES 2015

The CES 2015 is almost here, and the manufacturers are busy bringing new technology to the devices. If someone is searching for a new Android device at CES, Kodak will be the last name that would go across his mind. The name is almost irrelevant these days, even in the photography space where the company reigned supreme for more than a decade. It is a glory that was past, when it was the era of imaging using films. Digitalization of photography somehow did not go well with the company.

Kodak phone
Kodak phone

Now Kodak, though late, is entering the digital space with an Android phone obviously with a good camera in it. Nothing much is revealed about the device. It will be made by Bullitt, an English company that already makes Caterpillar rugged phones. This could be a rugged device as well. The hardware specifications or software version is not let out yet. We will have to wait till the CES to know more about this Android Camera phone from Kodak.

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