Moto G 1st gen now getting Android 5.0 Lollipop soak test

While the recently launched Android 5.0 Lillipop which is the latest Android version as of now, is yet to reach most devices, the owners of Moto G 1st generation in India can be assured of getting the update very soon. Motorola has already updated its Update Services apps, which can be considered a move before the big update.

The company is now offering the Motorola Feedback Network members who own Moto G 1st generation to take part in the soak test being rolled out by the company. To those who are not aware of the term Soak test, it is OEM’s way to test the software in real time environment, with few of it selected customers willing to take part in the test. The users can report if they find any bugs in the latest updates so that the company can fix it before the wide release.

So if you are a part of Motorola Feedback Network you can take part in the Soak test and get the real taste of Google’s Android Lollipop, which according to most reviews, is the sweetest Android version released till date.

If you are a member of the network, check for the updates under the settings menu of your forum. If it is not available there you can update using the desktop client using your computer. The soak test version of the OS may contain bugs, so update at you own risk.

Lenovo, which is the current owner of Motorola brands, has updated its OTA update service app, which further points to the imminent release of the Android 5.0 Lollipop for Moto G 1st Generation. Moto G 2nd Generation devices Android Lollipop OTA update was announced by the company last month.

Meanwhile, the Moto G 1st Generation devices that was pulled off the cart is back in stock on Flipkart with a discounted price. The continuing updates can be a reason why the customers love the Motorola brand against any other Android phone brand. The company’s latest premium phone, Moto Maxx is expected to reach India soon.

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