Moto G 1st Gen. now getting Android 5.0 Lollipop update in India

Motorola had assured Lollipop update for their Moto G and Moto X phones when Google announced their latest Android version release. While the 2nd Generation Moto G and 2nd Generation Moto X have already received the OTA updates, the turn of Moto G 1st generation to upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop has just arrived.

Google moto G now available in US for $179
Motorola Moto G

Few days ago, Motorola had updated their Update Services apps which was an indication that the update was closer. Following that the Motorola had conducted soak test for select users starting December 3.

After 3 days of soak test several users are now reporting that they are now receiving OTA updates. The latest Android OS version, however, is not going well with updates especially on Nexus devices. Several users have complained about issues while booting and other on Nexus devices that received updates. So, if are you one of the users facing problems after updates, please let us know.

Moto G 1st generation XT1033 was the first of the Moto phones to arrive after its coming back to mobile arena. The launch of phone revolutionized the mobile markets with its quality built and low pricing. The device sold in millions around the world has a good fan following.

Moto G 1st generation phones in India, though pulled off the shelf to make way for the Moto G 2nd generation phone came back in stock after a short while. The phone now sells at a discounted price on Flipkart.

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