Android Lollipop, Kitkat catching up, now runs on half of all devices

Android software standings
Android software standings

According to the latest data revealed by Google, Android Lollipop and Kitkat runs on almost half of all the devices. The recent OS version Lollipop is fast catching up after some initial slump due to compatibility issues on software updates.

The latest data reveals that Android Lollipop runs on 5.4% of devices, while the earlier version runs on 41.4% to make a combine figure of about 46.8%. Android Jelly Bean version of the OS still runs of about 40.7 % devices. This also points to the fact that most of the devices that are running on Jelly Bean OS version did not either get software upgrade or the users did not upgrade.

The former versions Froyo, Ginger Bread and Ice Cream Sandwich do not feature in significant amounts. But they are still running on about 12.5% of all devices.

Most of the device manufacturers are only beginning to offer Lollipop software upgrades to their devices. So in another 1 or 2 months the picture will be completely different. Lollipop has advantage of using less RAM compared to previous version. So the companies are more likely to offer upgrade to phone that they have built using less RAM. We currently see software upgrades happening in Xolo, Lava, Micromax and Android One phone along with the premium phones from Sony, Samsung and HTC

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