Android ‘Tap To’ Pay is now available in United States

Android Pay
Android Pay

Android Pay gets rolled out in United States. This is similar to the feature that first made its way to the Apple IPhones last year. The Android pay and Apple ‘Tap to pay’ are almost similar in most ways. You can store your credit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards into your Android phones and can be utilized at more than a million locations across the United States.

While it is difficult to distinguish between the supremacy of Android and Apple devices, the Android devices have a larger user base mainly because of its broader price range and options. Android arguably have more free apps available in comparison with iPhone. Innovations and upgrades could be at par with each other in most cases.

When Apple launched its ‘tap to pay’ on its iPhones, it was met with some issues, mostly because, such a system is unprecedented and banks and the retailers had their set issues to adjust. Google may not face such an issue with its Android pay as the users, banks and retailers are now familiar with tap to pay system.

The users with get a one-time “token” or virtual account number for the transactions, so that the actual credit card numbers are not revealed during the transaction.

Android Pay, however, can only be used on phones with NFC and those running Android 4.4 Kitkat OS or higher version OS. So, this means, not all the devices supports Android Pay. NFC is now available only on mid range to high-end devices. This also means that the Android OEM’s will have to consider including NFC in their budget phones too, as the Android Pay is to become mainstream in very near feature.

Android Pay supports all the four major payment networks like American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Most banks issues credit and debit cards that uses any of these payment networks, and all four are supported by Android Pay.

The launch of Android Pay was announced by Pali Bhat, Director of Product Management, Android Pay on Google’s official blog. Android Pay app will be available for download on few days on Play Stores, and the future Android devices will come with app preloaded in to it. There is no mention of Global roll out of this feature, so users in other countries including India will have to wait.

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