Want confirmed ticket on Indian trains? Confirmtkt app can help

Those who have booked tickets on IRCTC knows how difficult it is get a confirmed ticket on Indian trains. Things will be worse during holiday seasons and on busy routes. There are several apps on Google play store and iphone that does PNR prediction and more. All these apps make use of IRCTC historical data to analyze the chance of a W/L or RAC ticket to get confirmed. What if the chances are low to get confirmed ticket?

Confirmed ticket on Trains
Confirmed ticket on Trains

Confirmtkt also makes use of historical data for analysis. What makes this app different from others in its creed is the use of Alternate method. This method does searches for part bookings in the route. If are a regular traveler on Indian trains you might have wondered to find empty berths on a busy period. This is because a part of the ticket on trains are alloted between some sectors to help short distant passengers. These bookings are mostly not sold out. So if you are traveling from A to destination B and the direct ticket is not available, there are chances of availability from A to X and X to B. You just need to book two tickets. Another option is to book ticket to a further destination, and drop down at your stop.

Confirmtkt makes this search and booking easier for you. The developers of this app are two ex-IBMers Dinesh Kumar and Sripad Vaidya. They have devised an algorithm that uses machine languages that self corrects to attain maximum accuracy levels. Now the app, according to the developers, has 90% accuracy.

The app is available for download from Google play store and Windows. iPhone app will soon be available. The app has a 4.3 star rating on Google play store. Besides this unique “ticket confirm option” the apps offers features like Train Search with Seat / Berth Availability and predictions, Check PNR Status and its predictions, Check Time tables and access then Offline¬† etc.

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