Google Glass to come back under “Project Aura”

Google Glass
Google Glass

Google has reportedly formed a new team to bring back the Google Glass. A new team has been formed, according to the sources, by bringing in new talents to reintroduce the Google glass. Google had discontinued the $1500 Google glass earlier this year.

Google’s next attempt on Google Glass 2 will be to make it a more polished gadget useful for the professionals in health care, energy and manufacturing sectors. The new improvised 2nd Generation Google glass will be coming with a greater battery life and a more powerful Intel processor. The display will also be more comfortable for viewing.

Google, as said earlier has not completely abandoned the Google glass and is bend upon giving a new life to it. This time the Google expects to introduce a product which will appeal to common public along with the specialist users.

In a recent move Google had recruited Amazon’s Lab126 employees, that the hardware giant recently let go. The news on Project Aura was broken by business insider which quotes sources familiar with the matter as the source of Project Aura (It is different from Project Ara).

Under Project Aura, Google will be developing wearables beyond Google Glass. Whatever may be the out come it is good to know that Google is striving hard to accomplish some thing that could change the communications land scape for ever.

Source: Android Authority

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