Move To iOS Android App from Apple faces Android fans ire

Move to iOS android App
Move to iOS android App

It is not even 24 hours since Apple launched its new app on Google Play store for easy migration to iOS from Android. App is made for the user to transfer data from their Android phones to Apple phones. The app, however, has clearly irked the Android users, as the page is already bombarded with hate comments and one star reviews.

Though the app is made for an easy migration, the byline does reads some prompts to use the iOS in place of Android because “Everything about iOS is designed to be easy.” This also raises questions about Apple’s desperation to eat in to the Android user base.

While most of the Apps on Play store have moved to material design, Apple doesn’t bother to follow. Others are critical over Apple charging for each and every important apps, while play store offers a wide range of free apps. Many of the users complains about the closed eco-system of Apple.

Criticism aside, if you are looking to move you data from your Android phone to iPhone this could be the most ideal way to do it as it comes from Apple inc. itself.


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