What is new in Android 6.0 MarshMallow?

Android 6.0 MarshMallow is almost here. The developers already have their hands on the new OS version, while the common users will have to wait until it is available on a new device, probably a flagship coming up in autumn. This is one of the major updates from Google as they jump from Android 5.x.x lollipop to Android 6.x MarshMallow. So it will be interesting to know what are the new features that are available in Android MarshMallow

Google Now on Tap

Google Now on Tap lets the users to seek more information on things while on an app like you tube or while reading a message from a friend. For example, if you are watching a video on Youtube, just hold down the home button to get more information on the video you are watching. While on another occasion If you are reading a message from a friend which has mentions of a particular movie, tap and hold down the home button to avail information on the particular movie from Google search.

Google has improved its virtual assistant on Android to make it available everywhere on the phone. Now the users will be able to say “OK Google” and seek help irrespective of where you are on your phone.

More control on Apps

Android M permission

The previous Android versions hardly gave controls over the Apps permissions to various features of your phone. The apps could access your camera, microphone or sensors without your consent. In Android 6.0 Marshmallow Google has given the users the ability to control Apps access to all features of your phone. You can allow or deny permissions to each of the downloaded applications on your phone. For representation purpose Google has used Whatsapp application seeking permission from the user to Allow or Deny access to the microphone.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow supports USB type-C

The USB type C connectors are soon to become mainstream and is set to replace previous versions of connectors. Android Marshmallow is developed with type C USB connectors in mind and offers full support for phones featuring this type of connectors. One Plus 2 is among the the first Android phones to introduce type C connectors on a phone. Most of the upcoming phone will be featuring USB type C ports.


The Android Marshmallow has a doze function incorporated into it which sent the phone into a partial sleep mode while not in use. When your phone doze, there will be very few functions running in the background that will drain the battery of your phone. This helps in increased battery standby. The background functions for essentials like receiving calls, alarms set, message reception will all be very much live even in doze.

Android Pay

Android Pay
Android Pay

Android Pay is something Google introduced very recently on their Android phones. This feature is now available for Android phone users in United States. The users can now store credit card information on their phone which can be used at over one million locations in US of A and counting. This is very similar to Apple pay. Android Pay comes pre-installed in Marshmallow phones, while the others need to downloads the Android Pay app from the Play store.

Direct links to Apps

Marshmallow allow users to go directly to apps when you click on a link to a respective app content. On previous versions when you click on a link, Android would ask which app needs to be used to open the particular content. Often there will be Chrome app if you are clicking, for example, on a twitter link or a facebook page link. Marshmallow has a better understanding of the links and sends you directly to the apps without any pop ups.

Finger prints standardized

Finger print sensors on Android phones are becoming more common these days. Google has decided to standardize the Finger prints. Google is opening up the necessary API’s for the developers, so that they can incorporate it with any apps. Android pay will also be getting the biometric authentication, so as to make the transactions more secure.

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