Reliance Jio after two weeks, see the speed in Kochi

Reliance jio speed in Kochi
Reliance jio speed in Kochi

This is today’s data (13th September 2016), a screen shot of which can be seen at the beginning of this article. Most importantly the speed is fairly consistent through my tests on Ookla speed test application. So I assume that the Jio speed in Kochi would range between 5 – 10 Mbps for downloads and up to 6 Mbps for upload in most locations in and around Kochi. This should be the average speed of jio in Kochi even in the coming days. It might slightly increase after the initial free offer period ending in December 2016.

More than the introductory free offers from jio, attraction for me was the speed that the currently the company is said to offer. I was not expecting a 60 Mbps download speed in Kochi.  While there are reports on slowing down in download speeds across the country on Jio networks, I am getting a speed of around 6- 8 Mbps for downloads and 2 – 3 Mbps for uploads, which is not a breakthrough speed but good enough compared to other operators in Kochi.

It was not easy for me to get hold of JioFi in the first place. The demand was so high that the most stores in Kochi went out of stock within a week. The advance booking was a blessing, however. After two days into the advance booking I went back to the store to see my device available.

The instant activation using Aadhar card was available at the store, but the servers were probably too busy that the processing was not happening. Each customer was taking an average 30 minutes for activation and luck played its part too. There were around 15 people in queue in front of me. So there was not point in waiting. I therefore decided to come another day. This is the story at the Reliance digital store and Jio office at Oberon Mall, Kochi.

After 2 days I went back to the store to see a longer queue, and obviously the demand was still high. Who does not want free data and call offers? I learned from the Reliance Jio officials that for the time-being the SIM cards were only offered to those who buy devices from the company, as the activation is taking a toll on its servers. Since I was coming for the second time, I need not have had to stand in the queue. The activation still took 2 hours after 5 failed attempts.

I will write more about the configuration of JioFi and on how to use a 3G android phone to make free calls using JioFi in a future post.

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