Moto e3 Power full review after 1 month use

Moto e3 power review photo
Moto e3 power review photo

My outright opinion of Moto e3 Power is that it is a wonderful piece of hardware with a very well optimised software in it. Here is the Moto e3 Power full review.

It is exactly one month back that I posted a hands on review of Moto e3 Power on Androided,in. Till today, I almost exclusively used this phone, to test and try to find out how much it holds up. My outright opinion of Moto e3 Power is that it is a wonderful piece of hardware with a very well optimised software in it. The real review of the phone, in my opinion, is only possible after at least a month of use when the faults, if any, do show up. And did I find any faults with Moto e3 Power? It will be completely wrong if I say, I did not. Let me list them out.

  1. The phone did a reset on its own for some unknown reason erasing all data from it. I had to download all those apps I had on the phone once again. That was a huge download, but thanks to Reliance Jio for offering the data for free. So no damage in that case, lest some loss of time before the phone was back with all required apps. This, however, happened just once during the period.
  2. We wish our phone to be real quick when we attempt to make calls. But the Moto e3 power is slow in this. There is a slight delay before the phone prepares itself to be able to make calls. Budget phones do have these issues, so it should not be a problem. But I wish it was faster. The delay or the slowness is only felt in this app. Moving around the app tray and the home screen are really fast. No delay and the phone never stopped in between any tasks.
  3. The quality of the monophonic sound output is not really good. It really sounds monophonic but is  loud. Good that the speaker is on top of the phone. We can place it on a flat surface and the sound does not fade. It is a good part. The headset provided is of good quality.

I could only find only three faults with this phone, but the best features list of Moto e3 Power is longer.

Moto E3 power full review

  1. The display is great. The  5 inch HD display is wonderful. It is brightly lit and adjusts to the surrounding light very fast. The viewing angle and colour saturation are commendable.
  2. Look of the phone. The phone looks really good. Though not made of metal, there is a metal strip that runs around its body that offers a premium feel to it. The build quality is superb. The back panel is made of superior plastic that feels more like rubber in hands. It is splash proof with nano coating. So unexpected drizzle is not be a bothered about. The edges are rounded offering a good grip.
  3. Gaming. I was playing graphic rich games like asphalt 8. No delays, no heating and the battery also lasted long enough.
  4. Quick charging. The recharging is pretty fast. Once the battery was drained completely, I was able to recharge it to full in 140 minutes while the device is on LTE network and hotspot on.
  5. Battery. The 3500 mAh battery it the highlight of this phone and it not dissapoint me. It lasted for more than a day on regular usage, and when I was gaming, watching video using the device as a hotspot  on Reliance LTE network I had to recharge the phone once during the day.
  6. Software. The Android Marshmallow gives us a feeling that it is truly made for this phone. It is wonderfully optimised.  It is yet to receive the Android nougat update.
  7. Performance The future of Android phones are not going to be specification oriented, but on the features and how well the software supports the hardware. After all, no one asks for the specifications of Iphones. Android too, in my opinion should head this way with phones as optimised as Moto e3. I could not find any bugs till date and for a phone running on a 1 GHz processor the performance delivered is awesome. Frankly speaking, I expected some lags and delays after going through the specifications which read it is powered by a 1GHz quad core chipset.
  8. Camera. Both camera units (8 MP rear and 5 MP front)  captures good frames. The sample images are listed in another post. You can see that the colors are natural and deep. Camera quality for the price is satisfying.
  9. Memory and RAM. The 16 GB memory is still having space in it. Utilised only 60% of the available memory. I am yet to put any microSD card in it. RAM usage while playing games and videos is around 55% on average. The device is pushed hardest at this stage. So the memory and RAM more than suffice my moderate to heavy usage.

Moto e3 Power is available exclusively from Flipkart online stores. But the stock is getting replenished soon. So it will not be very difficult to get hold of it. Price of the phone is Rs. 7,999.

Here are some more images of Moto e3 Power taken during the review

Moto e3 Power
Moto e3 Power
Moto e3 power back panel open
Moto e3 power back panel open


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